Chloe Elizabeth McMyer- the alpha of the HAED’s, or Hot And Expensive Dancers. This alpha loves to dance and ride her horsey. she has blonde hair and blue eyes. she loves reading and her favorite color is purple. Jer birhday is on March 1oth! http://thealphachloemcmyer.wordpress.com/



Brooke Fields – Sweet, hot, and a major obsessed ice skater! This girl’s favorite color is blue and loves it! She have brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She loves water and have a birthday on July 2nd. http://therealbrookefields.wordpress.com/Blue-eyes-5qkwi06gd-258789-500-486_large

Maddie Slone – Cute, nice, and loves soccer. She loves baby pink. Maddie has brown hair, green eyes, and red lips. She loves energy and doesn’t mind getting wet or dirty on the soccer fields! Her birthday is March 25. http://maddiesloneofficial.wordpress.com/Tumblr_m0g1w5zay51qbiga3o1_500_large

Brianna Stevenson- Pretty, funny, and is a perfect cheerleader. She has blonde, shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, and tan skin. Brianna’s birthday is November 21.  She hearts the gymnastics lessons and lipgloss! ( Needs more info. Apply!!!)


Paige Hyland – Gorgeous, perfect dancer, and hearts dancing! Paige has blonde hair, which she usually puts into pigtails, ice blue eyes, and skinny. April 1st is her birthday. She loves dancing to lyrical and pop music and performing daily. Ur on my blog silly!




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