Paige the flirty rebel ;)

Dear Rebels

Today has been a fun day, minus the fact that I arrived at ballet class late and left my point shoes at home. I decided to dance in converse instead much to the instructor’s dismay.


After class, Chloe invited the HAED’s for some starbucks with her. You see, everytime I go to starbucks, I always spot a hot guy there. I guess its just the fact that artistic people always go to this starbucks and I have a soft spot for talented boys. I eyed that piece of yumminess with my famous flirtatious smile. The HAED’s could all read that look anytime. “oh my hopeless friend, how are you gonna break it toLogan?” asked Chlo amusingly while sipping her drink. I pondered that question again. I do scold myself for being a heartbreaker but I guess I just haven’t found the right guy that makes me totally head over heels for him.

Me: What’s up Lo?

Logan: Nothing much. U free tonight?

Me: look, I know we went out to dnner for a couple of times but I think we should just be friends.

Logan: oh…

Me: I’m sorry Lo

Logan: no. it’s ok. I kinda already expected you o say that someday

Me: I really do like you as a buddy though.

Logan: same. Look, I g2g.

PoorLogan! I think I broke this poor kid’s heart. But I wanted to be honest to him. I walked over to the cutey’s table. He had dark brown, curly hair and nice lips. His choice of clothing was very cute and simple too. “Hey! I could not help but to notice that you were reading one of my all time favorites, Cyrano de Bergerac!” I said sincerely (it seriously was a good book!) “uh yeah. I love the humor! I’m Derik.” He says, while beaming.  What made him even more attractve was the fact that he used a guitar pick as a bookmark. “Paige” I extended my hand and he kissed it instead of shaking it. I held on to his hand and wrote my number with lipstick on it. I Winked and caught up with the rest of the girls.


PING! my i-phone anounced the arrival of a new text

Derik: pick u up at 7 pm. Tmoro

Me: sure 😉

Derik: great 😉



– Paige Hyland 😉


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